About Us

Let us help you make real your ideas.

Our Mission

Lighthub is a digital production company at the forefront of the international 3D industry founded in 2002. We create digital models, high end images and 3D animations for featured films, commercials, visual architecture and other high demanding fields.

As a boutique, we provide our clients with a hands-on, interactive work experience where the principals are actively involved in every step of the process for every project.

The partners and staff of LH is possess a unique combination of design skills and technical understanding that allows us to act as both Art Department and a digital production house, developing ideas from beginning to end.
Engagement, performance and innovation are intrinsic to the LH´s Group, whatever the medium. With a depth of experience and richness of content, LH is will continue to illuminate ideas and inspire images for the ever-changing world of digital 3D.

Over 500 projects, give us an extensive experience in residential, mixed use, government, institutional and industrial projects. Working  for the most important Home Builders in Spain and architects all over the World, we know how to work in a team environment and we are no stranger to the construction site, so we know how the «real thing» goes together, which translates into more realistic 3D imagery.

From a football field, a F1 circuit, through the latest model of Airbus, an awsome villa in paradise, or an entire city … anything that passes through our hands becomes something full of life and realism .

Give us your CAD project, and  we will accurately build your design in 3D, create correct materials, and add realistic lighting based on natural light and fixtures you specify. We can add furniture, plants, people, anything you choose. The results are compelling.

We place a high importance on understanding your project, interfacing well with your people, and tailoring our services to your schedule and budget.